Individuals and Family

What if those of us in the later stages of life had someone to help guide us through the maze of social support and healthcare choices, and understand how these choices could support that most fundamental of questions: What matters most?

LifeCourse is a late life supportive care approach that helps individuals and families navigate serious illness by employing lay healthcare workers called care guides. Care guides collaborate with physicians, care teams, and community partners to help individuals and their key friends and family navigate the complexities of serious illness.

In Their Own Words…

“… we can use her [the care guide] as a resource. We don’t have to figure everything out on our own. Plus, she is an excellent listener. She not only listens, but she has great empathy for some of the stuff we run into, pointing out different resources that are available to us.” – LifeCourse Patient

“… if I had to trust anybody besides my family, she [the Care Guide] would be the next person that I’d be able to trust because of what we’ve talked about, and … what she’s helped me out with.” – LifeCourse Patient

“Our care guide has really [helped] my husband…to be free in his discussion…[about my] cancer…at one point my husband refused to discuss it period. Which made me feel like I was alone in it.” – LifeCourse Patient

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